The scrupulous respect for the architectural and environmental essence makes this hotel a luxurious stop. Removed from any building trace, silence purifies the walls, tower and chapel and, proudly from its vantage point, tells part of the hidden history of the Principality.
Situated on the southern slope of the Sierra del Sueve, it dominates the valley, trying to perceive the muffled murmur of the river Piloña, while enjoying the fertile midday sun. Its situation is privileged being halfway between the sea and the mountain.


Special events
Hotel Lastres
The Palace have privileged location in the middle of nature with magnificent views where it is possible to hold all kinds of events in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.
Our hallmark is the personalization of each of the events, being able to offer exclusivity and a careful service by our team of professionals.


It is well known that Asturias is one of the most prolific regions as far as Gastronomy is concerned. We are immersed in a nature that provides us with all kinds of raw materials of excellent quality and that already from origin and by themselves, are authentic treasures (fish of the Cantabrian, our meats of the valleys, our immense variety of cheeses, the wonderful and aromatic mushrooms of autumn, …) This allows us to be flexible in our menu to, our Asturian environment offers us, being already famous our “Hunting and Mushrooms in Autumn Days”.


Our privileged situation allows the traveller at 20 kms (Ribadesella, Lastres, Colunga, La Isla..) as well as entering the Picos de Europa and the Covadonga National Park at 34 kms. The hotel is located 50 Kms from Oviedo and Llanes, one of the most famous tourist villages in the North of Spain.
Our environment offer us an infinity of activities, among others: descent of the Sella River, canyoning, rafting, sea kayaking, equestrian experiences, via ferrata, 4×4 routes through Picos de Europa, coastering, surfing, museums… and the possibility of enjoying emblematic festivals such as the International Descent of Sella of International Tourist Interest and the Asturcón Festival, of National Tourist Interest.
Hotel Lastres
The appellation “Cutre”, like other palaces of the same period, comes from the place where it is located. Cutre is an area or neighborhood, belonging to the parish of San Pablo de Sorribas at the crossroads of roads from Piloña to Villaviciosa, Colunga and Ribadesella.
The sumptuousness and delicacy, emerge in the decoration of rooms and halls, as exquisite as the welcome of the hosts who receive the guest daily.
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