Santuario Covadonga

Located to the north of the Picos de Europa, it is a historic sanctuary in honor of the Virgin of Covadonga, guarded from the heights by the lakes Enol and Ercina.

History tells us that the Muslim army reached these lands where a handful of men who refused to live subjugated by the invading warrior had taken refuge. It is said that a handful of mountaineers and Christians who had taken refuge in these mountains and were led by Don Pelayo faced the invading army sent to crush the rebelliousness of this small group of Asturians.

In the cave where the legend tells that Don Pelayo took refuge there is a small chapel that shelters the Virgin of Covadonga, a waterfall emerges from this cave and falls directly into a large pool.

Next to the chapel and on a small hill that presides over the valley stands the Sanctuary of Covadonga, built with a striking red stone that contrasts with the green of its meadows and forests.

The Lagos de Covadonga complex is made up of two small lakes, Enol and Ercina, of glacial origin, located in the Asturian part of the Picos de Europa National Park, in the western massif of this mountain range. There is a third lake, the Bricial, which only has water during the thaw, but also belongs to the group. In Asturias they are known, simply, as The Lakes.

They are located in the council of Cangas de Onis and can be accessed through a 14 km road that starts at the Royal Site of Covadonga to reach first the lake Enol.

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