Ethnographic museum

The buildings of the Ethnographic Museum of the East of Asturias are located in Porrúa (Llanes), a one-hectare property that has been fitted out as a public park, with a wide representation of fruit trees and woodland. Among the trees, the monumental presence of an avocado brought from Mexico and planted in 1906 stands out. The perimeter of its trunk is currently 7.20 meters.

The houses that make up the Ethnographic Museum of the East of Asturias are arranged in two parallel rows joined by a wooden flying corridor. Inside, visitors can see the rooms of a traditional country house (vestibule or “estregal”, kitchen, living room, bedroom, stable and cider press) and a series of thematic exhibitions devoted to cheese and lard making, the manual manufacture of tiles and bricks, textile processes, traditional folk clothing, a carpenter’s workshop, tools for cutting wood, washing machines, tools, a collection of enamelled metal pieces and an exhibition of documents and photographs relating to the village of Porrúa.

From 2001 the Ethnographic Museum of the East of Asturias programmes activities such as talks, screenings, workshops and new temporary exhibitions. It also has a small library of ethnographic subjects open to the public and researchers. The Ethnographic Museum of the East of Asturias aims to be a dynamic cultural centre committed to the exhibition and dissemination of elements of historical and ethnographic interest, but also a place dedicated to research and protection of Asturian cultural heritage.

The Ethnographic Museum of the East of Asturias has its origin in the donation of the houses and estates of Llacín, made in 1994 by Teresa Sordo and Luis Haces Sordo, sons of Porrúa and residents of Mexico. The donation stimulated the creation of the Llacín Cultural Association, which decided to promote, create and manage an ethnographic museum, with the aim of giving the donated goods a cultural and recreational purpose.

In January 2001 the Association transferred the management of the Museum to a new entity promoted by itself, the Ethnographic Museum Foundation of Eastern Asturias.

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