Model village 2010

In the council of Colunga, stands the beautiful fishing village of Lastres.

Here, the houses, distributed on a steep slope, following a particular irregular and arbitrary layout, seem to be about to precipitate towards the port that, from below, observes them impassively, with their beauty intact.

The beauty and character of its people are the most significant characteristics of Lastres and are the reason why it has been awarded with the Prize to the Exemplary People of Asturias 2010, by the Jury of the Prince of Asturias Foundation, in charge of its concession.

It has also been chosen as the set for the successful Doctor Mateo series, where it takes the name of San Martín del Sella, and where it reveals its wonderful network of cobbled streets and houses arranged capriciously on a steep slope, as if they were small arteries that flow into the same nucleus, the sea.

And of the sea so near nourishes this fishing town, with a feverish activity in the port and in the market that gives idea of the importance of the fishing of coast and height in Lastres like sustenance of its inhabitants. Another attraction to add for those who practice rural tourism in the council because the gastronomy in this area is indebted to its port and to a culinary knowledge fed through the centuries, with fish as the main dish.

Declared a Historic Site, an undoubted point of tourist interest, its port is also one of the safest on the Asturian coast thanks to the shelter of the Cabo de Lastres. From the nearby San Roque viewpoint, one kilometre away, there is a beautiful view of the coast and the Sueve mountain range, with the Picos de Europa in the background. The houses, with beautiful balconies, form a labyrinth of white walls where the symmetries seem to be made on a whim.

On its coast, there are the cliffs with more history of the region where, in addition, you can follow the trail that the dinosaurs left on it. Do you need any more reason to come to know Lastres?

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