Museum of the rural school

The museum is located in Viñón, Cabranes council, 2 km from Santa Eulalia, the municipal capital, 7 from Villaviciosa and 15 from Nava.

The building occupied by the museum was designed by the provincial architect Javier Aguirre Iturralde and inaugurated in 1908 as a unitary school. It had a capacity for 120 students, distributed in two classrooms, one for boys and one for girls, which occupied the ground floor. On the upper floor there were two dwellings, one for the teacher and the other for the female teacher.

The visit offers a chronological tour of the history of education in Asturias. The visitor can enter both a school of the Republic and one of the Franco regime. We always take as a reference the people who were educated one day in their classrooms, giving their testimony to the visitors, so that they can obtain a wide vision about the school, its architecture, methods and didactic means, and the way of life of teachers and students in the rural environment.

Following the architect’s design, the teacher’s house has been reconstructed, with the aim of creating a space that reflects his family and work life. The evocative museography of the classrooms and the house aims to encourage visitors to enter the scene and interact with its elements so that they can imagine situations derived from living in other spaces and times.

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